About This Episode

In Season 1 Episode 3 of the Tae Kwon Daddy Podcast we visit with Master Jose Ramirez of the Christian Taekwondo League about what to expect once you sign your child (or yourself!) up for Martial Arts, both negative and positive, and then we close with several keys to success.

Here are the basic highlights from the episode:

Negative Things to Expect

  1. Expect some crying
  2. Expect some kicking of other kids (especially siblings)
  3. Expect to pay for more stuff
  4. Expect disappointing looks from your instructor
  5. Expect to be at the dojang a lot
  6. Expect curriculum to change
  7. Expect to see some drama
  8. Expect a lot of emails
  9. Expect your child to fail

Positive Things to Expect

  1. Expect your child to be more respectful
  2. Expect your child to improve their listening skills.
  3. Expect better physical conditioning
  4. Expect better flexibility
  5. Expect proud looks from your instructor
  6. Expect to build friendships
  7. Expect to be challenged
  8. Expect a life long passion or, at least, a life long fitness hobby!
  9. Expect your child to become a ninja
  10. Expect to have fun along the way
  11. Expect your child to succeed

Keys to Success

  1. Choose a dojang/instructor somewhat wisely
  2. Be proactive
  3. Watch class, don’t just go (and work or check your phone).
    Put the technology away, at least while in the dojang
    the occasional check is ok, inevitable, but to just sit there
  4. Incentivize
    kids love language, probably quality time at a young age
    me and lj story
  5. Sign up yourself!
  6. Don’t treat MA like daycare
  7. Build a working relationship with the instructor to support parenting goals
  8. …but don’t USE the instructor as a disciplinarian (?)
  9. Don’t let them quit
  10. …but don’t be forceful either.
  11. Have fun

And that’s it!

You can read more about Master Ramirez and the Christian Taekwondo League over at https://sa-christiantkd.com.

Until next time, Train Hard, but Parent Harder.