About Tae Kwon Daddy

A podcast resources for martial art students and parents by a martial arts student and parent.

About Tae kwon Daddy

Martial Arts Student & Parent

I’m just a middle aged family man navigating the crazy world of martial arts training as a student and as a parent of a martial arts student.  Any given week my son and I are at the dojang 3-6 times training and that kind of crazy schedule has introduced all kinds of new adventures, some good and some bad, for our family dynamics.

In the short time I’ve been studying, however, I’ve encountered so many great people that I started thinking about how I can capture this moment, this process, right now while I’m in it, not years from now once I’ve gone through it.  And while journaling is important and part of our curriculum, what I’ve been most drawn to is the conversations that I’ve had with men and women who have been doing this for far longer than I will even have the opportunity to have.

So in the end, Tae Kwon Daddy is the vehicle from which I hope to capture those stories.

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