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Train Hard.

Instructing kids is more about teaching them to be decent human beings than it is teaching them how to be ninjas.

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One of the best things about getting involved in any community is making friends and then walking through life together as that grows into framily.

Few have experienced this and if you have, I hope you encourage others to start their own journey today!

#christiantaekwondoleague #bigramway #ctl

I don’t always train #brazilianjiujitsu, but when I do, I make sure my opponent takes my back and grinds my nose and eyeball with their 80 grit gi…

Anyone else? 😂🚀🤣🔥

#bjj #marrasenkibjj #martialarts #martialartslifestyle

I don’t often spin kick people in the face, but when I do it now it’s going to pack twice as much power.

That’s how this works, right?

#taekwondo #christiantaekwondoleague #seconddegreeblackbelt

Been a long and life changing journey with this little fella right here @bigramctl at the @christiantaekwondoleague. Feeling grateful. ...

Because you never know when you’re going to need to quick draw your pocket knife and throw it into a tree...

#martialarts #pocketknife #quickthrow #taekwondaddy #treeattack

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn...” (The pop at the end was the ‘chuck hitting my elbow... )

#notfun #nunchaku #christiantaekwondoleague

How #martialartistdadd pass time on #fathersday2021 waiting on the #elgincheesedays #parade to start... ...

Who is the Tae Kwon Daddy?

Student, Parent, Beginner.

An eager learner, Logan Seth Ramirez was born and raised in San Antonio, is a beginner martial arts student, and proud parent of a martial arts kid.

Tae Kwon Daddy exists to:

  • promote social emotional learning in martial arts,
  • preserve martial arts history,
  • provide educational resources for students, instructors & parents, and
  • podcast content that people enjoy.
Parent Harder.

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Logan Ramirez

Student, Parent

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Elijah Ramirez

Student, Son

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